One of our focuses is to make sure everyone in the community can join in with art. We work a lot with disabled people. Many of our exhibits result from an exciting process of collaboration between disabled people and artists, creators and designers. Customised items made to meet the specific needs and interests of individual disabled people have been designed. This has led to unique objects that mirror individual needs, wishes and requirements, and challenges facing current designs.

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Welcome to Artists and galleries page

We provide a range of services and advice for artists. Our main event in the calendar is our annual Open Art Exhibition, but it has a wider long-term ambitions.

The aims of the scheme

  • to demonstrate a broad and challenging range of modern drawings, paintings and prints, both old-fashioned and new
  • to broaden public understanding of, interaction in and access to art and artists
  • to urge younger artists and art pupils to exhibit their work in public
  • to aid artists to sell their work
  • to celebrate creativity and excellence
  • to make people in the region more aware of the quality and talent available in affordable art

Our gallery is a place for the creation and exhibition of modern art and design. Our aim is to offer space, time and chance for the discovery, creation and presentation of practices pertaining to modern art and design within a supportive and exciting environment.

Disability products and design

We also examine issues around the design of equipment and items used by disabled people. Discussion between artists, creators, designers and disabled people has prompted the production of beautiful, useful objects and thought provoking work.

Disability equipment is usually created with price and utility as priorities, meaning there’s not much room for considering how these objects appear. We are part of an initiative to think against this trend. Our accessories are designed to meet both the requirements and the wishes of the disabled people that use them.